Best Chalkboard Paint Ideas


I’ve been dying to try chalkboard paint for a while, It’s all over Pinterest you just can’t escape it, it’s contagious. It’s been applied to pretty much everything imaginable in the last few years, walls, tables, refrigerators and finally it’s ok for the kids to write all over the house. But there are still some really innovative ideas out there, I especially like the dishwasher chalkboard. Check out these uses for chalkboard paint that will have you headed to the hardware store.


chalkboard-paint1 Chalkboard menu 196399233719900797_5ty3RDZ6_c Chalboard-tray spice_organization_chalkboard 184084703488860936_VcSFpzOS_c 129267451773893388_ENjlLtIB_c 45fc5d3e39ddc8d5ce6f8ad8e7895dfa 69454019222964149_GcirBKbV_c

9570217930155833_QPwLG4Mw_c 92112754849481932_DfiW9DAA_c




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