Best Hair Mask For Shiny Hair!

shiny hair

The ultimate hair mask if you want shiny hair! There I say it. Try this homemade hair mask once a week and you will see results! Shiny beautiful hair with only 3 ingredients. Why use these three for shine, well let’s see, Extra virgin and virgin olive oils retain the highest amount of the liquid’s beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin E, the eggs are rich in proteins and vitamin B. So, raw eggs when applied on hair help to strengthen it and promote growth. Eggs make your hair soft and olive oil makes it shiny. Honey is a humectant, it smooths the cuticle so the hair feels soft and shiny.

Try the recipe:

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 5 Tbs of olive oil, and 3 tsp of honey.

  • Mix the eggs with olive oil. Whisk the mixture, and add the honey. Massage in to your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for half an hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo.
  Rinse your hair with cold water, it closes the cuticle, leaving a smooth, shiny surface. Blasting with cold air after a blow-dry has a similar smoothing effect, and most dryers have a cold setting for this purpose.
Results, beautiful shiny hair!
*For extremely damaged or lackluster hair, try this mask once a week. For normal hair use once a month. Also remember that a well balanced diet is essential for healthy hair, as well as limiting the stress in your life, and get regular trims.

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