Coconut Milk & Honey for Hair loss


I just started trying coconut milk on my hair, not only for it’s known hair growing abilities but also to prevent hair loss. Recently my hair has been falling out when I comb (gulp), so I decided to try and add some coconut potion on it. Coconut is known for promoting hair growth because It’s rich in protein, and essential fats. These elements are valuable in growth and maintenance of healthy hair, and also preventing hair loss. When applied  to the hair, coconut milk provides quick results. I read many articles on how your hair responds to the coconut milk and hair gets noticeably softer and hair loss diminishes.

So I decided to give it a try, I brought a can of coconut milk and added some honey for moisture since these winter days in New York have made my hair rather dry.


I then whisked the ingredients together and poured the mixture into an empty hand soap container for an easier distribution of the treatment.


   When you apply it to the hair, make sure to massage your scalp for at least 2 minutes, this will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help nourish it. Leave it in for an hour, if your in a rush leave it on for no less than 30 min.

Finally shampoo and final rise with cold water.

*Your hair will feel greasy at first, but after you let your hair dry it will look  shiny, hydrated, and soft.

Do this once a month or once a week for people with really dry hair, and you will reap the rewards.


*The last picture was taken recently and I have “ombre” tips. My hair was brittle in the first pic, falling out a lot, and very dry.


326 thoughts on “Coconut Milk & Honey for Hair loss”

  1. Hello I’ve use this on my hair and it did stop my hair loss by reducing shedding almost instantly. I also did a black tea rinse first then the coconut mix. I find it to be quite messy and runny. I’m seeing more shedding again so I plan to do a second treatment. I want to know what you think about coconut cream instead of the loose milk. I will also share my results with you. Thank you.

    1. I don’t use coconut cream since it has a lot of added sugar and ingredients that your scalp doesn’t need. The coconut milk, although runny, is more effective in my opinion. Let me know how works out on your hair 🙂

      1. Omg i have tried this and i must say it works for me. I have hand a scalp problem and issues with my hair falling out.for 5yrs. The amount of money i have spent on such expensive treatments to try heal my scalp and help my hair loss was quite depressing. And come across this smiple solution has helped me tremendously for 2 months.

      1. How much of the honey/how much of the coconut milk do you use for the treatment.

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    1. I put it in the fridge if I’m going to use it again within a week. If you plan on using it once a month you can store in the freezer and thaw it out before applying. It keeps well in the freezer, up to 6 months. Or in the fridge for up to a week.

    1. You can use a sulfate free shampoo after the treatment. Don’t shampoo twice and make sure it’s a hydrating chemical free shampoo. The shampoos that have sulfates will strip your hair from all it’s moisture. I recommend Shea moisture shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

      1. do you recommend a specific shampoo and conditioner thats available in uk please i have not long done an aphogee treatment and been left with very very coarse dry hair that is not responding to oil

  2. What is the fastest but best way to thaw it out? In the microwave (which I think would cause a film to form on top.) Or just put the container in luke warm water before using?
    I was thinking of putting it in a separate container, and scoop out what I needed, instead of thawing out the whole container.

    1. Once the honey is mixed with the coconut milk it is no longer sticky. Honey is for moisture. The shampoo’s name brand is SheaMoisture, Coconut & Hibiscus Shine Shampoo. It’s all natural you can get it at target

      1. Hello I’ve done a big chop on my hair since last year. I alternate the tea rinse and your mix. Because my hair is so short now, I’m going to use Parrot brand all natural pure creamed coconut. I will follow up on my results and thanks so much for your reply.

  3. Hi, I can’t find coconut milk in canned form in my country, only coconut cream. Does it work the same way too? What about fresh coconut milk? And my scalp is so oily, but hair fall has always been so serious, this mask is suitable too?
    Thank you for helping me.

    1. It has to be the milk not the cream. Fresh coconut water if helpful but coconut milk contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and vitamins that are great for hair loss.

      1. I have a 5 year old daughter with natural curly hair but it isn’t that thick. Can I use this to help grow her hair or do you know something else that would work?

  4. Trying it for the first time tonight ! I”m hoping it does something 🙂 I couldn’t find the coconut milk you had so I used a different one. On the label it said that it was unsweetened, and like freshly pressed. I also done mine in a shower cap so it not as messy and easier to apply.

  5. hey I was reading the comments I’m going to try this but , I was wondering instead of doing it once a week can I do it once every two weeks ?

  6. Hi! Even though you recommend a sulfate free shampoo, can you use a shampoo with sulfate in it if you don’t have one for the moment? Or will it not work while doing this treatment?

  7. This really works. I tried it last night and my hair feels so soft and looks I better condition already. I’ve frozen remainder as suggested. Thank you.

  8. I have been trying the coconut milk and honey for less than a month and can already see results. I am also using Biotin and Vitamin D for hair growth. Love your blog! Thanks so much.

  9. i h’v been on this blog for some days i must say am really impressed, u h’v a very nice post here,pls tell me can i just take a fresh coconut and extract the milk from it and then pure it on my hair just like that or i should add honey as u said, pls which one is more effective and fast? my hair is really really dying,pls i need ur hlp and also how long should i wait to see result becos i have tried so many things in the past i used onion juice, i used potato juice,eggs,olive oil u can see , that is why i need ur hlp so badly i want this to be my final answer pls i need a reply urgent

    1. You should buy the coconut milk from your local supermarket for best results. You will notice a difference with within 2-4 treatments. I noticed my hair was hydrated on the first treatment…this is wonderful for dry damaged hair! Hope it works for you!

  10. I have not tried this yet BUT I did buy some Coconut milk today and I have honey already I am planning on trying this more than likely this weekend. I am so excitied about trying it . I have thick I mean thick hair I shed alot and in the shower and my hair grow so so so slow and I have been trying to grow it long for sometime now so I will let you all know how this works for me..Thanks for sharing it…..

  11. Naturally anything coconut is healthy for your hair and skin. Coconut oil has the same benefits as the milk. I’ve been using organic extra virgin coconut oil on my hair and skin for several weeks now! Both my hair and skin are much healthier. My hair is so much more soft, shiney, and has actually grown more rapidly in length since I’ve been using it. The best part is, it’s only ONE ingridiant and you don’t have to worry about experation in such short time. You can also leave it in overnight for the best results. I recommend coconut oil for many different remedies over all the harsh chemicals out there! Especially if you have dry, damaged, thinning hair. Also, biotin and evening primrose oil vitimins work well too! ☺️☺️☺️

  12. *UPDATE*
    The cream contained tiny coconut flakes. The difference between the two is your mix is runny and the cream is flakey. I see that both worked for my hair loss. Since I chopped my hair off the flakes don’t bother me because I wear wigs right now. So for those with chopped hair the flakes are not much of an issue than for those with long hair. The milk works better for long hair. I choose to use the cream for now because it’s a chilly spring and I’ll switch to using the milk in the hot summer months. Thank you so much for this blog post.

  13. How do you get the honey to blend in with the milk? Mine is just sinking to th e bottom and sticking to the whisk.

  14. Hello. I’m sorry if someone has asked this already, but too many comments to read through 🙂 Does this coconut treatment work for balding males? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  15. how much honey? Reading the comments I see you said “two tablespoons” and you’ve also said “one tablespoon”?

  16. I have a 5 year old daughter with natural curly hair but it’s not think and not that long. Can I he this to help grow her hair? Do u have any recommendations?

  17. Okay so I am lyk 17 and I have SUPER THICK CURLY hair and I have an ombre hair style… I have massive hair loss(no, I’m not over exaggerating lol ) and I was wondering if I should use the 2 tbsp orr 1 tbsp of honey…Thanks

  18. I mixed the ingredients together and I also put it inside of a hand soap jar. my question is do I have to refrigerate this mixture?

  19. I have some questions.
    I found it difficult to apply to dry hair. Can you apply when wet? (just rinse, not necessarily freshly washed) I think it would be easier to distribute and massage until scalp as indicated.
    Do you leave your hair up or down for the time while leaving the mask in?
    Also,how do you know if your shampoo/ conditioner has sulfate?
    Upon washing it out, do you completely wash out with cold water? Or can you shampoo and condition it out with warm then do a cold rinse before finishing??

  20. Hi! I wonder if this mixture can be stored or necessary to use all the time you do? I have many problems with my hair is very fine and sparingly before had much and now I have very little, dry and uneven. It is greasy quickly but cuanfo clean looks very dry. If you could give me advice would appreciate growth and healthy hair. Thanks you very much.

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