Healthy, Clear Skin Naturally!

If you want to achieve healthy, clear, smooth and youthful looking skin then you have to try french rose clay mask!

I love this so much for many different reasons. First off, it’s all natural, from the earth and It is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal, sensitive, oily and mature skin types. The best part…you will see results instantly! It’s as if you just stepped out of a spa, with glowing skin!

What are the benefits of French Rose Clay?

  • It absorbs dirt and oils, and all the harmful toxins from the skin.
  • As it dries, your skin will absorb the minerals from the clay, rejuvenating the skin.
  • Cleanses the skin and creates smaller pores
  • moisturizes the skin
  • Clears acne, as it cleans out the dirt and oil without stripping your skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Firms the skin
  • Tones and hydrates
  • Polishes the skin

One of the immediate effects of a clay mask is that it stimulates blood circulation on the skin. My skin glows and is pink and dewy after a clay mask. This wonderful clay is a fantastic cocktail of essential minerals, it will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. I live in the city so it’s a great way to get city smog off my skin.

It’s also super easy to use!

Combine 1tsp of clay with a bit of water to form a thick paste. Apply to the face and leave for 15 min or until the clay has dried on your skin (your skin will feel tight). Afterward just wash off with warm water.

(Note: clays stain, so you may want to use an old facecloth)

I must say this is pretty amazing! You can even use it as a spot treatment for acne! Use this up to 3 times a week for healthy, glowing skin!

French Pink Clay


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