August Soap Giveaway!

This is a first ever soap giveaway for Glory Boon! We are giving away one of our bestselling soaps…the Monkey Bar. It’s a delicious handcrafted soap with a delightfully flavor of ripe, freshly peeled bananas mixed with sweet coconut.

Our soaps are handcrafted, cold pressed with no preservatives, petroleum, parabens, lauryl sulfate, or animal products. Made by hand, cut by hand, packaged by hand. Our soaps are very nourishing for the skin. Made by the cold batch kettle method, these bars are unlike any soap you’ve ever tried!

We have teamed up with  Heather Paulding from Spunky Real Deals, an awesome blog for those who love giveaways and product reviews!  

Want to enter our Monkey Bar giveaway? Entries start at midnight! >>>>ENTER HERE<<<<< Just fill out the rafflecopter form!



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