Wearing makeup that lasts all day!

We all have gone through this. You put your makeup on in the morning and it looks perfect only to have it melt away by mid afternoon. However do we get our makeup to stay put all day? Here is my top tips and trick to help your makeup last longer!

1) Exfoliate the night before: This step works because it polishes the skin, and your skin will wake up with a perfect glow. Choose your favorite facial scrub and pamper you skin before bedtime, and always drink plenty of water. I love yes to blueberries facial exfoliant.


2) Moisture: Right after cleansing your face in the morning always moisturize! If you have oily skin choose an oil free moisturizer. Always wait 5 minutes before applying anything else.


3) Prime: This is an essential part of keeping makeup looking picture perfect. I personally don’t wear primer every day, but it definitely comes in handy on those long days when you can’t touch up. Apply all over your face and always wait 5 minutes before applying your foundation.

Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12h Perfecting Primer $30

4) Foundation: The trick to applying foundation so it last all day is to apply small amounts at a time. Start with light touchups and build your color. Try applying it with a blender sponge and lightly blend never rub! Oil-free foundations work best and last longer. Prime your eyes with an eye primer as well, to keep your eyeshadow looking glam!

Glory Boon Natural Foundation $17.99

5) Lose setting powder: This step is crutial! It sets and mattifies your foundation because of it’s translucent formula that glides on extra smooth. This powder evens out skin tone and makes your skin appear less oily and shiny, and helps makeup last all day!

Glory Boon Translucent Powder $14

6) Finish off with fix spray: This spray helps prolong the look of our makeup, you can spray it on your face after you do your makeup to ‘set’ it and help it look better and stay longer.


7) Blotting Sheets: They Instantly absorb excess oil and shine leaving your skin feeling fresh and looking matte. Carry them wherever you go! We love Boscia blotting sheets because they are 100% Natural!

BOSCIA Blotting Linens


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