Perfect Brows-Step by Step

I recently made a trip to the Benefit brow bar and got a brow makeover! We don’t realize how important our eyebrows are until we have them professionally tweaked.

While I was there I brought the Benefit brow kit, I must say I had this before but lost the kit while I was traveling and I was devastated! This little kit is amazing, not only for the brow shadow but for the little tweezers it comes with. I have tried many tweezers in the past (very expensive ones as well) and none compare to this one. I feel like it’s so important to have excellent tweezers and this little guy is high quality and precise, it’s almost fool-proof, it’s amazing! So what does it take to get awesome eyebrows?

1) Grow them out! Yes you heard right. You have stop tweezing and waxing, at least for 4 weeks. This is important because you will be preparing the canvas for the perfect eyebrow makeover. You want to give the brow expert something to work with, if you are over tweezing this could make it impossible for you to get the best out of your brows.

2) Help them grow. While you are waiting impatiently for your brows to grow, give them a little TLC. Use natural oils to help them grow out nicely. I like to you sweet almond oil, apply at bedtime. Also try exfoliation to stimulated growth, but don’t scrub to hard as that area of around the eye is very delicate.

3) Eat healthy foods. Make sure you’re getting vitamins and eating foods rich in protein, like avocados and spinach.

4) Go to a professional. Once the wait is over, go to a brow expert. Let them give you the perfect shape, you will then have the perfect canvas for coloring them in.

5) How to color them in. I prefer to use a shadow instead of a pencil, it looks more natural, and a good angled brush is a must. Find a color that is one shade lighter than your hair color, then the fun begins, follow the chart to get an idea of how you can color them in.

I think it’s so important to get really good tweezers. You will have to pluck them yourself in between appointments so you want to get tweezers that do the job right.

Hope you try!


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