Favorite Essie nail polishes of all time!

I have a major obsession with nail polish! I love collecting them and have grown to love some of the colors in my little collection. So here it is…my all time favorite Essie nail polishes!

9) Bordeaux: Deep Red

8) Shift Power: Gold Color (because we all need gold nail polish right?)

7) Turquoise & Caicos (need I say more?)

6) Splash of Grenadine: The most beautiful pinkish purple color EVER!

5) Exotic Liras: This one is fuchsia with a little extra Oomph!

4) Flirty Fuchsia: This one is a highlighter pink, it’s awesome!

3) Licorice: The perfect black nail polish! It’s a must have!

2) Lilacism: Adorable, I wore this almost everyday during the summer!

1) Chinchilly: This is my go-to color, the one that I can wear anytime of the year with any outfit! it’s perfection!




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