Pretty Christmas Sweaters!

Pretty christmas sweaters!
The “Ugly” Christmas sweater is a holiday tradition. It seems everyone at least once in their lifetime will get one of these for the holidays. They have become synonymous with the “bad” christmas present everyone dreads. But this year sweaters are in! The “ugly” Christmas sweater is not so ugly after all. I seem to be finding some cute ones, somehow trendy ones out there. So I compiled a list of my favorite “pretty” christmas sweaters this year. I can honestly say I would wear any of them!

White top
$6.55 –

Sugar Reef navy blue jumper

Pink mohair sweater

Crew sweater

Fat Face sweater
$74 –

H M white top
$25 –

V neck sweater

Yumi sweater
$52 –

Long sleeve sweater
$6.55 –

Christmas sweater


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