Easy DIY Valentine’s day gifts

We all know the usual valentine’s day gifts. The flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears holding cute little hearts that say I love you. But what better way to show your appreciation and love than by taking the time to make this years valentine’s present yourself! Here are some easy DIY valentine’s gifts that are cute, funny, thoughtful, and memorable!

Root beer float basket: Thirty handmade days

Get a basket from Michaels craft store, head over to your local supermarket and buy some straws,  ice cream, root beer, and you got yourself an awesome float for two!

Give a gift that can be opened again and again: 


Make a stop at your local bookstore, and buy four of your valentine’s favorite books or must reads. Buy some pink or red construction paper and cover them, add the letters (L*O*V*E) on each book as shown above.imageFinish by adding a cheery happy valentine’s day! Who wouldn’t be excited to receive such a cute gift!

Get creative in the kitchen:


Make them a meal they won’t soon forget! How about breakfast in bed? French toast with heart-shaped strawberries…easy to make by slicing them and creating a “V” shape at the top with a knife.

Don’t have too much time to get so creative? If your sweetheart has a sense of humor, just write some cute words of a banana!

Let them know what you love about them:


On a deck of cards, write 52 things you love about them. Simple as that!

Photo strips make great gifts:


This is very cool. Gather some favorite pics of you and your love bug from instagram, and make some photo strips on your computer. Print them out on card-stock and cut them out. They can be used as bookmarks, or a cute little keepsake to post on your workspace pin board.


9 thoughts on “Easy DIY Valentine’s day gifts”

  1. These are fun ideas! My 4th grade son is digging the bananas (30 bananas, here we come) How do you make the photostrips? I am trying to figure that out. Thanks for the help!

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