How to wear boyfriend jeans

imageImages: We heart it

The boyfriend jeans are by far one of my favorite go-to looks! They go great with stripped shirts and blazers, high heels or flats. You can roll them up, or leave them down, and you can always accessorize with statement jewelry. I wear them often with my leopard flats and a blazer. These jeans look best when they lay loosely on the hips and are cuffed at the hem. They should also look a bit worn out, and are best worn with tops that have feminine accents.image

I love the picture above, the clutch with the gold jewelry, and nautical shirt looks wonderful with boyfriend jeans. image

Also denim on denim works well here, love the casual look.image

You can even wear them with keds, what’s not to love?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts

Do find jeans that fit you properly. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be roomy but should fit at the waist, but they shouldn’t be too baggy.

Do choose a pair with a worn out look to them.

Do pair them with a feminine shirt

Don’t be afraid to roll them up

Don’t be afraid to wear them with heels or boots

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