DIY Sharpie manicure ideas

This is one of the coolest ways to give your manicure a little pick-me-up! Who doesn’t love sharpies? I have have them all over my house! We all know sharpies come in handy in the office, but did you know they make for a great manicure as well? They come in black, bright colors, not to mention silver and gold!

How to: The trick is to use the sharpie to make all sorts of fun nail designs. You want to apply a coat of regular nail polish, let it dry, and then start using the markers. When you’re done drawing your cool designs, let the sharpie dry and apply a clear coat on top! So today, why not run over to your local office supply store, and pick up a pack of sharpies and get creative! Below are some inspirations to get you started! Who’s with me?

Swirls, gold french mani and paper airplane.
Leopard, and mini dots, all done with sharpie!
Gold sharpie details, and hearts!
Polka dots with different sharpie colors!
Create zig zag and unique patterns with fine point sharpies

8 thoughts on “DIY Sharpie manicure ideas”

    1. Hi Millie! As long as you put the sharpie designs on top of nail polish you should be fine. The trick is to paint your nails first with regular polish, and then use the sharpie.

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