5 simple ways to stop procrastinating


We all procrastinate every now and then, and for me it’s become a bad habit! As my work pile stacks up, I find myself putting things off for the next day and then more work piles up and it becomes a vicious cycle! It’s even harder when you work for yourself and are responsible for your time management. Recently I decided I was going to stop this nonsense and therefore I came up with my simple ways to stop procrastinating and start NOW!

1. Create a to-do list

Write down everything you need to do that day along with what time and how long it will take you. Time management is key! For example:

12:00pm-Clean Kitchen
12:30pm-Take out the garbage
12:35pm-Walk the dog

As you accomplish your goals, cross out each chore.

2. Finish the hard stuff first

On top of the to-do list write the things that are not only most important but more worrisome, so you get it done and over with.

3. Remove all distractions

When working on something, make sure that all distractions are put away. This includes cell phones, radio, magazines, food, TV, and so on. Force yourself to work productively for at least 15 minutes.

4. Give yourself a break

This is so important for me! I always give my self a little break to relax, have a snack, check my instagram…hehe. Set a timer for 10 minutes to do whatever you daydream about so that you are not tempted once you resume your work.

5. Focus on the end result

It’s hard not to worry when the work piles up, but if you try hard and work productively and get it done, just think about the free time you will have once it’s all done. Whatever it may be, (free time, relaxation, etc.), focus on what you will get when you finish your tasks, this will help you stay on track and finish your goals.

Xoxo Alex


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