New Year, New Digs!



We’re back! After a long hiatus from blogging due to website technical difficulties, (our server crashed) we are so happy to announce that our blog is up and running again! I have such exiting news…

Glory Boon has a new home! After tweaking a few things here and there, everything is all set up here on our new site and we hope you love it!  With a New Year comes big change and that’s definitely happening at Glory Boon. A retail shop is in the works so keep an eye out for that…

Along with a new space came a new employee! Say Hello to Robyn (@robwithay on instagram) who joins us as an Assistant and is here to answer all of your questions.


Feel free to send her an email or connect with her on instagram (

We will be posting frequently and hope you stay tuned to future products and fun beauty DIY’s.

2016 is looking to be an EPIC year so sit back and join us for the ride 🙂

Xoxo, Alex.


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