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DIY Dry Scalp Treatment

It’s always the same for me this time of the year, I get extremely dry scalp, it’s insane! I guess you can blame the weather, but it’s extremely aggravating. I wanted to try some at home DIY and this one did the trick! During the winter time our skin gets dull, dry and cracked, and our scalp is no exception! Just as we would use a body scrub on our skin, we can also use this method on our scalp! Scrubbing away dead flaky skin for healthy hair and scalp.

I used a little brown sugar (white sugar is to fine), and added some jojoba oil.

Why jojoba? jojoba is the only oil whose molecular structure is similar to sebum (the oil that the scalp naturally produces) and it has antibacterial properties. It soothes the scalp and can be used to treat dry scalp and dandruff.

When you mix the brown sugar with jojoba oil it makes a paste. The trick to applying this is you want to use a little at a time. It is very messy but worth it!

You want to pick up a little with your finger and gently give yourself a scalp massage. work in small areas using circular motions until you have distributed all over your scalp. I recommend doing this over a sink as the sugar will get messy.

Afterwards you want to tie your hair and let in sit for 15 minutes, you can see the sugar in my hair. The jojoba oil will work it’s magic and hydrate. Final step is to shampoo, condition and style as usual.

As always, make sure you drink lots of water and stay hydrated as well as eating tons of fruits and veggies for healthy hair and scalp!


Kelly Clarkson wedding day look: How To

Kelly Clarkson wedding day look
Kelly Clarkson looked stunning on her wedding day! I love the lace dress and natural earthy toned makeup. I searched high and low and compiled my favorite products to recreated this look. Starting with the hair, I loved how it’s not all pulled back, it’s very natural. Just take some hot rollers and after blowdrying leave them on for a couple of minutes, then gently create a loose low bun and secure with bobby pins. Finish off with some hair spray.
For the makeup, apply a matte foundation, a nude lipstick and a natural smokey eye. Finish by lining the eyes with a dark brown eyeliner and mascara. Lastly, don’t forget to apply oil control setting powder and your done!

Stop hair loss Diet!

Most of us battle with hair loss, and a poor diet can be the culprit. The nutrients you eat help fortify the hair follicles. Here are some foods rich in protein that will give your hair some much needed TLC. 

  • Salmon
  • avocados
  • eggs
  • walnuts
  • Greek Yogurt
  • spinach
  • lentils
  • blueberries
  • sweet potatoes
  • poultry
  • peanut butter
  • carrots
  • shrimp
  • Green veggies
  • Oats

Here’s what you can do with these hair super foods to make a meal everyday that will help prevent hair loss.

  1. Breakfast:

[Option one] Spinach Omlette (you can add carrots to this omlette, Yum!)

[Option two] A bowl of old fashioned Oats (Add blueberries for extra Vitamin C)

[Option three] Greek Yogurt with blueberries

[Option four] Peanut butter french toast

2. Lunch: [Option One] Peanut butter and bananas on wholewheat toast

[Option two] A bowl of lentil soup

[Option three] Chicken salad with walnuts

[Option four] Carrot and sweet potato soup

3. Dinner:  [Option One] Crunchy Walnut-Crusted Salmon Filets

[Option two] Shrimp and avocado salad

[Option three] Roasted chicken and sweet potato

[Option four] Walnut crusted chicken

4. Snacks: Carrot muffin, carrot pudding, Peanut butter and banana smoothieblueberry smoothie, sweet potato bread, sweet potato fries, peanut butter oatmeal bars, peanut butter and apples, carrot juice.

*Always include green veggies

*Coconut milk and honey hair mask for hair loss

10 Ways to Use Argan Oil


100% Pure Organic Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, and is believed to contain twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. It is said to contain saponins, which helps to soften the skin and restore the skin’s water lipid layer, thereby minimizing wrinkles. Great for moisturizing and nourishing, helping the skin to maintain a youthful, glowing appearance.
Why I love this:


1) Leave in conditioner: I use it on my hair! I apply the Argan oil while my hair is wet, I have curly/wavy hair and it works wonders.  It moisturizes but doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily. It soothes frizz while adding shine.

2) Facial Moisturizer: I use Argan on my face! I have acne and it soothes my skin. I notice that when I use the Argan oil on my face it somehow evens my skin out. I have combination skin, I apply it at night and I wake up with a radiant glow!

3) Facial Toner: Add a few drops of Argan oil to rose water and you got your self a moisturizing 100% natural toner

4) Cuticle oil: Massage a few drops of Argan Oil to the your nail cuticles to moisturize soften and encourage nail growth.

5)  Body Oil: I use it on my body! Add a few drops to your favorite body cream or apply directly onto your skin. I keep the Argan vial in my purse, it’s the perfect size to carry around. I use it as my hand moisturizer as well.

6) Facial Glow: Add a few drops to your foundation for a dewy, youthful glow.

7) Acne Treatment: Apply directly on affected area, massage and allow the oil to absorb. Apply 2-3 times daily for maximum results. Argan oil is a lightweight, easily absorbed and will not make your skin oily, or lead to more breakouts.

8) With Hair Color:  Apply a few drops of Argan Oil to your hair color mix, and  follow the hair color directions. The Argan oil will help moisturize your hair as you color!

9) Split ends: Apply to the tips of your hair to help keep your hair strong and prevent split ends.

10) Dandruff: Apply Argan Oil on the roots of your hair and massage product into the scalp for a couple of minutes. Leave on for an hour and wash and style as usual.

This Argan Oil is packaged in a amber glass dropper, and eco-friendly reusable 100% cotton bag.

Organic Argan Oil


Let me know how Argan has worked for you!

Coconut Milk & Honey for Hair loss


I just started trying coconut milk on my hair, not only for it’s known hair growing abilities but also to prevent hair loss. Recently my hair has been falling out when I comb (gulp), so I decided to try and add some coconut potion on it. Coconut is known for promoting hair growth because It’s rich in protein, and essential fats. These elements are valuable in growth and maintenance of healthy hair, and also preventing hair loss. When applied  to the hair, coconut milk provides quick results. I read many articles on how your hair responds to the coconut milk and hair gets noticeably softer and hair loss diminishes.

So I decided to give it a try, I brought a can of coconut milk and added some honey for moisture since these winter days in New York have made my hair rather dry.


I then whisked the ingredients together and poured the mixture into an empty hand soap container for an easier distribution of the treatment.


   When you apply it to the hair, make sure to massage your scalp for at least 2 minutes, this will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help nourish it. Leave it in for an hour, if your in a rush leave it on for no less than 30 min.

Finally shampoo and final rise with cold water.

*Your hair will feel greasy at first, but after you let your hair dry it will look  shiny, hydrated, and soft.

Do this once a month or once a week for people with really dry hair, and you will reap the rewards.


*The last picture was taken recently and I have “ombre” tips. My hair was brittle in the first pic, falling out a lot, and very dry.

Best Hair Mask For Shiny Hair!

shiny hair

The ultimate hair mask if you want shiny hair! There I say it. Try this homemade hair mask once a week and you will see results! Shiny beautiful hair with only 3 ingredients. Why use these three for shine, well let’s see, Extra virgin and virgin olive oils retain the highest amount of the liquid’s beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin E, the eggs are rich in proteins and vitamin B. So, raw eggs when applied on hair help to strengthen it and promote growth. Eggs make your hair soft and olive oil makes it shiny. Honey is a humectant, it smooths the cuticle so the hair feels soft and shiny.

Try the recipe:

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 5 Tbs of olive oil, and 3 tsp of honey.

  • Mix the eggs with olive oil. Whisk the mixture, and add the honey. Massage in to your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for half an hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo.
  Rinse your hair with cold water, it closes the cuticle, leaving a smooth, shiny surface. Blasting with cold air after a blow-dry has a similar smoothing effect, and most dryers have a cold setting for this purpose.
Results, beautiful shiny hair!
*For extremely damaged or lackluster hair, try this mask once a week. For normal hair use once a month. Also remember that a well balanced diet is essential for healthy hair, as well as limiting the stress in your life, and get regular trims.