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The Plié Wand: Painting your nails just got a whole lot better!

the plie wand

How many of you guys love painting your own nails? I personally prefer to do my own nails vs going to a nail salon, first off it’s less expensive, and second I just love collecting nail polish! I know for me, it can get a little tricky to get my nails looking perfect, especially with bright colors, and I always end up with one hand nicer than the other.

So I did a little research and teamed up with Julep to fill you guys in on this cool new tool! The Plié Wand by Julep gives you the right amount of grip so you have more control for better and easier application.


It can easily be attached to any julep nail polish, or any of your favorites. This tool sounds amazing, and I honestly think it will make life so much easier,  I have such a hard time holding those little nail polish caps, (that seem to be made for the hands of toddlers), this makes so much sense! It sounds like it will also save me weekly trips to the nail salon! I would love to give it a try!

The Plié Wand lauches today! I found this awesome video on the Julep blog that easily explains how to use the wand. What do you guys think?!

For more information, check out the Julep website.



Xoxo, Alex


DIY Sharpie manicure ideas

This is one of the coolest ways to give your manicure a little pick-me-up! Who doesn’t love sharpies? I have have them all over my house! We all know sharpies come in handy in the office, but did you know they make for a great manicure as well? They come in black, bright colors, not to mention silver and gold!

How to: The trick is to use the sharpie to make all sorts of fun nail designs. You want to apply a coat of regular nail polish, let it dry, and then start using the markers. When you’re done drawing your cool designs, let the sharpie dry and apply a clear coat on top! So today, why not run over to your local office supply store, and pick up a pack of sharpies and get creative! Below are some inspirations to get you started! Who’s with me?

Swirls, gold french mani and paper airplane.
Leopard, and mini dots, all done with sharpie!
Gold sharpie details, and hearts!
Polka dots with different sharpie colors!
Create zig zag and unique patterns with fine point sharpies

Favorite Essie nail polishes of all time!

I have a major obsession with nail polish! I love collecting them and have grown to love some of the colors in my little collection. So here it is…my all time favorite Essie nail polishes!

9) Bordeaux: Deep Red

8) Shift Power: Gold Color (because we all need gold nail polish right?)

7) Turquoise & Caicos (need I say more?)

6) Splash of Grenadine: The most beautiful pinkish purple color EVER!

5) Exotic Liras: This one is fuchsia with a little extra Oomph!

4) Flirty Fuchsia: This one is a highlighter pink, it’s awesome!

3) Licorice: The perfect black nail polish! It’s a must have!

2) Lilacism: Adorable, I wore this almost everyday during the summer!

1) Chinchilly: This is my go-to color, the one that I can wear anytime of the year with any outfit! it’s perfection!



Nail Stickers By Betsey Johnson~Review


I Just had to write about these awesome nail stickers!

I was at the mall and was tempted to enter Sephora, I was looking around when these cute nail stickers caught my eye. I have seen these all over, cvs,walgreen and so on, but there was something about these stickers that stood out for me. When I tried them on it was so easy, i couldn’t  believe it! But the best part…they last 2 weeks!

I have to say, these nail stickers are amazing! Here is a pic of my nails with them on…

First, you pick which size fits your nail best. Then you remove the plastic covering, stick the sticker on your nail and smooth out the air bubbles. The final step is to file the side of your nail to remove any extra nail sticker and your done!