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  1. What to look for, when going on a gloryhole? The best you can do, is pick a gloryhole facility that was already reviewed by many trusted people, or by some reliable site (like gloryboonblog.com) dealing with the same subject. However, it seems impossible to find reviews all out there, you have to deal with it if you’re determined. If there’s a will, there’s a way.
  2. What content are we offering?
    • We offer photos, videos, and articles, all about Gloryhole. Many people are interested with such activity, that’s why this is the right place for them. They will be satisfied with our content, for sure.
  3. What happens with my info?
    • Your info are safe with us, don’t worry. We protect your privacy, as much as you protect it, or even more! For more info, please check our Privacy Policy.
  4. What about Reality Gloryhole sites, are they for real?
    • well, in case you thought that these reality sites are for real, I have to disappoint you. All of them are fake 🙂 The actresses there know what they are going to do, prior to shooting the scenes. However, I think that their sites are often very good. Their content is always exclusive and even funny to watch. Just be aware of the fact, that the scenes have nothing to do with reality.
  5. Are there any limits attached to trial memberships?
    • unfortunately, many sites apply certain limit on trial memberships. Some will not allow you to watch videos, some will apply a daily download limit …etc. The bad thing is, that you will have to search hard in the “terms and conditions” to find whether there is any limit like this in place. Fortunately, ours is FREE!
  6. What about sites that give me free membership when I register with my email address?
    • stay away from sites like this. The members section is just bunch of links to other paysites and some shitty leased content feeds. Plus they will send you tons of advertising emails. Moreover, there is a big chance that they will sell your email address – so you can expect endless chain of spam emails.

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