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Easy foundation shade chart!


One of our most frequent questions is how to find the right match when choosing one of our foundations and concealers. So here it is! We created an easy shade chart to help you choose the right color for your skin. This chart applies to our natural liquid foundation and our natural long wear concealers. We have 8 shades in total and we’re sure you’ll find your match!



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All natural long wear concealer



Natural “No Makeup” Look: How To


We all want that fresh “no makeup” look, but achieving this “flawless look” has it’s tricks. Here are some basic tips and tricks to apply makeup and get a natural, clean, no makeup look without the fuss!

1) Take care of your skin: Always remember when applying makeup, to get that fresh faced look, you have to make sure your skin is clean and hydrated! Remember to do your At Home Facials regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies. This will provide the perfect canvas for your make up. Remember to exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin.

2) Moisturize: Never apply makeup without moisturizing first, and always wait 5 minutes before applying foundation. Even if your skin is oily, you must moisturize, so try to find an oil free moisturizer, and don’t underestimate the power of facial serums!

3) Choose a good foundation: Shop around until you find a foundation that works for you. Make sure it’s not going to clog your pores. Your daily foundation should be feather light, you don’t want that heavy makeup look since we are going for a natural “no makeup” look. Finding the perfect shade is very important, test foundations on the jaw line and make sure it blends well. Apply your foundation with the right sponge, this will provide a flawless effect.  We love the Beauty Blender sponge, it’s easy to use and ensures perfect application and coverage, also check out Natural foundation with Aloe.

4) Conceal: Many of us have flaws that we need to cover, I can’t live without my Concealer! After you apply your foundation, if you need further coverage, choose a concealer that covers but doesn’t cake! Make sure to blend it well and apply in natural light. Don’t rub, just dab and dab until it’s blended. We love Heal and Conceal because it’s natural, light, and blends to fit your skin tone! You can’t go wrong with that!

5) Use only 2 shades of eyeshadow: Use earthy tones, browns and golds, and always apply a primer. Use a little mascara, wipe the wand with a tissue if necessary to avoid clumps. We love Leighton Meester’s fresh “no makeup” look.


6) Don’t apply lipstick: Use a Lip Tint or gloss, no lipstick is necessary for this natural look. All you need is a hint of color. Tip: Provide the perfect canvas for your lips and exfoliate with a Lip Scrub!

7) Use bronzer as blush: This will set the tone for a naturally sun kissed glow, perfect for that natural look.

8) Well groomed eyebrows: No matter what you put on your face, if your eyebrows are not well groomed, it wont look good. Eyebrows play an important role in making the face look clean and well kept. Find a professional to groom your brows and learn how to paint them in. Tip: Use a shadow to paint them in. Pencils are to harsh and will take away from the natural look.

Always remember to take care of your skin, use SPF when going outside and drink plenty of water!