Other Side Of The Hole

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In the interests of everything we’ve decided to document the proper etiquette for males seeking anonymous sex in a public place. Here we go…

1. What is a “glory hole”?
A “glory hole” is a small (usually no larger than penis sized) hole cut between partitions in a public restroom (or “tea room”), or between two video booths in an adult video store. It’s placed, conveniently, at groin height, so you can stick your penis through it and let the other person perform whatever sexual activity they desire upon it.

2. Okay, so I’m in a place with one of these things, what do I do?
First off, relax. Now, you can either get off with someone’s help, or help someone else to get off. Sometimes both, and sometimes you’ll be serviced by or servicing more than one person (usually consecutively, but sometimes (though rare) concurrently).

3. I’m relaxed, and I want to get someone off. What do I do?
I’m going to presume you’re in an adult bookstore, as the rules for tearoom sex can get complicated (you have to read grafitti, tap foot for action, determine if your neighbor is there for sex or to take a dump, etc).…