Other Side Of The Hole

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In the interests of everything we’ve decided to document the proper etiquette for males seeking anonymous sex in a public place. Here we go…

1. What is a “glory hole”?
A “glory hole” is a small (usually no larger than penis sized) hole cut between partitions in a public restroom (or “tea room”), or between two video booths in an adult video store. It’s placed, conveniently, at groin height, so you can stick your penis through it and let the other person perform whatever sexual activity they desire upon it.

2. Okay, so I’m in a place with one of these things, what do I do?
First off, relax. Now, you can either get off with someone’s help, or help someone else to get off. Sometimes both, and sometimes you’ll be serviced by or servicing more than one person (usually consecutively, but sometimes (though rare) concurrently).

3. I’m relaxed, and I want to get someone off. What do I do?
I’m going to presume you’re in an adult bookstore, as the rules for tearoom sex can get complicated (you have to read grafitti, tap foot for action, determine if your neighbor is there for sex or to take a dump, etc).

  • Enter the booth, lock the door, if possible; many stores, in an attempt to prevent this activity, do not have locking doors. Some booths don’t have doors at all, in which case I’d suggest you be a conspicuous consumer and find another store.
  • Drop some money (more likely, tokens) into the video machine and select your favorite video. This is important, as you’re using the business’ resources to satisfy your primary urges. Be nice and be a patron, not a lurker.
  • Sit down, if a seat is provided, whip it out and get it up.
  • Either wait for someone to occupy a neighboring booth or check out your neighbor through the hole. Don’t be shy. Nearly everyone who is in a booth is looking for the same thing you are, and checking out your neighbor is the first step in demonstrating your interests/needs.
  • If you like what you see, place your finger through the glory hole far enough so the other person can see it. If you’re married, and want the other person to know that, place your ring finger in the hole. If you want to use a condom, place it in the hole.
  • If your neighbor wants you to service him, he will place his penis through the hole. If he doesn’t, he won’t. If he wants to use the condom, he’ll take it at this time. Sometimes, he’ll just want you to watch him masturbate. Be flexible and open to changes in the situation. 

    4. I’m relaxed, and I want someone to get me off. What do I do?
    Pretty much the same as above, except:

  • Stand, don’t sit. Standing in a booth is considered a clear indicator of your desire to be serviced.
  • You should have at least a half-mast erection to indicate your desire as well.
  • Actively masturbate yourself so people who may be watching can get a little turned on.
  • Wait for a finger to come through the hole. If no one seems interested, don’t take it personally, and don’t shove your penis through the hole without any invitation. While most people are there for the same reasons you are, not everyone is. Discretion is the better part of valor.
  • If you see someone’s finger, go for it. Put on a condom if you wish. Some people will just want to masturbate you, others will swallow you whole. Some may want you to fuck them. Again, be flexible, and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. 

    5. What if I want to take turns giving and receiving?

  • If you’re receiving, remove your penis from the hole. This indicates you want to pleasure your partner. If they want you to, they will then put their penis through the hole. If they don’t, put your penis back through the hole. Rinse. Repeat.
  • If you’re giving, it’s important to stop before your partner reaches orgasm, as usually a guy will leave once he’s climaxed. If the guy removes his penis and crouches down, then place your penis through the hole. If, instead, he does not remove his penis, that means he doesn’t want to give. This is anonymous sex, and chances are high you’ll come across someone who will help you out later on. 

    6. Is this safe?
    Only as safe as you make it. Healthwise, practice safe sex, the description of which is beyond the scope of this friendly guide, but with which you should be very familiar before attempting this.

    From a legal standpoint, this activity is a crime in some localities. This is definitely considered a risky behavior legally, and usually homosexual activity is prosecuted far more vigorously than heterosexual activity (yes, some straight people/couples use glory holes. Why shouldn’t they??).

    If you’re unsure of the laws in your area, it would behoove you to find them out. While the chances of your getting arrested are not usually high, circumstances vary wildly, as do the penalties. An anonymous phone call to a legal aid hotline or your local courthouse won’t hurt you. A good rule of thumb to use is: the more public the place, the riskier the activity, and the higher chance you’ll get busted. Nude beaches are especially chancy.

    From a physical harm standpoint, all I can say is I, nor anyone I know, has ever been “bashed” whilst participating in glory hole activity. Again, most people are there for the same reason you are. But always be careful. Don’t let alcohol or drugs impair your judgement. If your intuition tells you to leave, then leave. There’s always another time.