The Power Of Yoni Eggs

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Yoni eggs are extremely powerful. They are the Holy Grail of youth, excellent libido, great energy and great wellness. Though the term “yoni eggs” is a relatively new concept in the West yet it has long been in practice in the oriental countries. The gorgeous Chinese empresses, princesses and concubines have been using it to awaken sensuality, restore youthful energy as well as maintain soli health for 5,000+ years now.

A brief overview on Yoni eggs

These eggs are actually semi-precious and precious stones, shaped in the form of egg. Jade is the most popular stone here, followed by Rose quartz and Black Obsidian. The term “yoni” is a Sanskrit word which means “womb” and it’s the source of divine female energy, fertility and prowess. As these stones are inserted inside the vagina, these are called “Yoni Eggs”.

The best way to explore yoni eggs is through kegel exercises while having them inside your vagina. There are various reasons to go for Yoni Egg workouts.

Stronger pelvic floor

When you perform kegel workouts with yoni eggs inside your vagina, your pelvic floor goes through series of muscle contractions. These contractions work to activate and nourish the nerves and muscles of the area which in turn helps to make your pelvic floor stronger. Strong pelvic floor not only enhances libido and assures great sex but also combats problems like urinary incontinence.

Regulates blood circulation

Healthy blood circulation is the key to great health and excellent fitness. But contemporary unregulated and sedentary lifestyle hampers the flow of blood circulation big time. This is where Yoni eggs come to help. When one performs Kegel workouts with Yoni eggs, the muscles and nerves will get activated and start to function properly. It will lead to improved flow of blood all across your body which will keep you in fantastic health. Enhanced blood circulation will also lead to better climaxing during your intimate moments.

More powerful orgasms

Stronger pelvic floor also helps to be more responsive to sensual contacts. The muscles in your pelvic floor extend from vaginal walls till lower abdominals. As mentioned previously, kegel exercises with these eggs tend to strengthen muscles and nerves of pelvic floor. A powerful and fit pelvic floor always assures more enjoyable orgasms. As a result, you will also enjoy more magnificent sex when you use kegel eggs regularly.

Better vaginal lubrication

Does sex seem to be painful for you? Well, one of the main reasons here is dry vagina. Now, the vagina is a self-lubricating organ. But the irregular lifestyle today hampers vaginal lubrication big time – and that often leads to extreme pain while getting penetrated. But yoni eggs will help you to get rid of all these woes.

Kegel workouts with these stones, work to strengthen and stimulate the vagina which enables it to lubricate easily. It would be great if you include a yoni egg ritual  just before your steamy acts to enjoy excellent natural lubrication. But, then, this doesn’t happen in a day. You would have to keep on using the stone regularly to harness its divine energy at its best.

Stronger feminine energy

Yoni eggs are also great to enhance your feminine energy. According to experts, feminine energy could be cultivated as well as manipulated through regular usage of Yoni eggs. Ancient Chi (feminine energy) practitioners used to practice Yoni Egg exercises to enhance vitality and virility.

Perks of using yoni eggs

  • Improve libido as well as awaken sensuality.
  • Enhance natural lubrication for women of any age
  • Enable women to develop and attain intimate relationship with yoni, the entire body as well as one’s own self
  • More sensitivity and better orgasm during intercourse.
  • Some moms tend to these stones to improve health and energy after delivery
  • Allow to attain control on vaginal muscles for more powerful sex with partner
  • Better sensual enjoyment for partner as well
  • Usage of these stones during menses helps to reduce menstrual cramps, duration of menses as well as PMS symptoms
  • Improvement of overall well-being and health

Guide to using Yoni eggs

You can’t just insert the yoni eggs the moment it is delivered to your door. You have to go through thorough preparation to awaken the divine energy of the egg. Here is a brief guide on how to prepare the yoni egg to utilize its energy at its fullest.

There are two main stages here- clearing and charging.

Clearing the stone

Your Yoni stone will most possibly pick up surrounding energy while reaching your place. The energy could be positive or negative or both. While positive energy is great, the negative energy should be removed before you insert the stone inside your body. This is called clearing of yoni eggs.

You will need a bunch of sage here. Burn the herb and the smudge the stone with the burnt part. Let it absorb this cleansing smoke which will help it to purge all lingering negative force picked up on the way.

Charging the stone

After you have cleansed your crystal thoroughly, it’s time to charge the stone. Charging will help to enhance the energy and power of the stone big time.

To charge the stone, you will have to keep the stone under moon or sun light. Leave it there for 2-3 hours minimum.

You can use the stone once it is fully charged.

Final words

We will wind up the discussion with some points on how to buy the right yoni egg. Always make sure to get your yoni egg from a leading and reputed seller. Not all such sellers around can promise you authentic gemstones. Make sure your seller is offering you certified gemstones only to ensure 100% original product. Jade is the most common yoni eggs here. You will start your yoni egg journey with Jade, follow up with Black Obsidian and finally move to Rose Quartz. You should also be careful about the size of the stone here. Beginner users should always start with a large one. You can only use the small stones when you progress into a seasoned user.

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