7 Things you can use to make a glory hole

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If having sex through a glory hole has always been on your sex bucket list, we’re here to make that dream come true. It’s pretty easy, doesn’t require a lot, and provides tons of sexual pleasure. You won’t even have to go anywhere as all the action will be happening at home. Now, let’s talk about seven things you can use to make a glory hole.


If you have some old sheets collecting dust in your closet, it’s time to whip them out and put them to good use. Any kind of sheet or blanket will do as long as you’re able to (or willing) to cut it.

As we all know, you don’t need to make a huge slit for a glory hole. All you need to fit through it is a penis after all. On the other hand, some sheets can be a bit see-through, so you might not want to use them. The type of sheet you use will depend on what you want and have on hand.

In case you don’t have old sheets to shred, hanging new ones up and taping them together can work too. Just ensure you leave a hole in between at a proper height for a preferred sex position.

Dutch Doors or Kitchen Cabinets

Dutch doors are perfect for glory holes! Well, you won’t be cutting a hole in your door or cabinet. Here’s how it works. Dutch doors naturally have two separate doors. You’ll want to use the top door to hide your face (and the top half of your body). The bottom half will allow for magic to happen during your next sex session.

Kitchen cabinet doors can operate in the same way. Keep one of them open for cover while the other one is closed. No peeking down at your partner!

Old Mattress Pad

All mattress pads are different. Some have some thickness to them, so they might not be the easiest to cut through. Considering you’ll be using an old one, you won’t mind chopping it up the best way you can.

Since these pads can be heavy, you’ll want to hang them up securely. Having them fall down on your partner may be funny but can totally ruin the sexual fantasy. Aside from that, these mattress pads will provide you with some comfort, warmth, and softness.

This means that sex will feel good and comfy for both of you. Don’t give up just because cutting is difficult. Find some better tools and get to it!

A (Hidden) Chain-Link Fence

If you often have outdoorsy sex ideas, this might be the perfect choice for you. These fences are great because you don’t have to cut them, and they have holes at all possible heights. Not only that, but they can provide you with support as well.

On the other hand, the hole of choice might not be the right size, the fence might be dirty, and many other problems can arise. To find the perfect fence, you might have to look far and wide. A safer alternative would be a rope hammock.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are probably the cheapest option. We all have them at our homes, they are easily replaceable because they’re cheap, and you can hang them just about anywhere. This means you don’t have to be in the shower while the action’s happening. Take your shower curtain wherever you like.

To make a glory hole, apply the same tips we’ve had for sheets. However, you will probably opt for cutting a hole in these curtains, just because you can (remember, they’re cheap!). Just like sheets, they can be thick or thin, so you can choose whatever opacity you prefer.

Plus, you don’t have to cut a hole in them if you’re planning to use them for your shower. You can simply hold or tape them together while leaving enough space for a penis to pass through. This is seriously the easiest way to make a glory hole that we can think of.


Handymen, this one is for you. If you want to be creative and unique, you can make your own glory hole. Of course, you need to have the correct tools and skills for that first. Choose your door carefully. Why? Well, we hope you know that this hole is pretty permanent unless you plan to plug it with something other than a penis.

These doors can potentially cause splinters, so ensure that the hole is as smooth as it can possibly be. Also, if you have a door to a random room that nobody cares about (or a designated sex room!), it’s probably best to choose that one.


Hear us out before you decide to dismiss this idea. Some foods naturally have holes in them. We’re talking about bagels, doughnuts, onion rings, etc. You can surely try fitting a thing or two through them. While they might not provide much cover for you, they’re still fun to try. Plus, your partner can get to eat the food of choice after everyone is satisfied!

In case the hole isn’t big enough for you, you can always make your own bagel with a hole that’s big/wide enough. Bon appétit!


Glory holes can also be used for masturbation with sex toys for example. In this case, all you need is a bit of imagination. No matter how you choose to make your glory hole, we hope you have a lot of fun with it.