Los Angeles Has the Best Glory Hole in America

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Forget New York, forget Berlin. Los Angeles is where the glory holes are at.

I’ve been to gay sex clubs or bathhouses in Rome, Berlin, Vancouver, Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, but I’ve never seen an orgy as pretty as the one I attended a few weeks ago in Los Angeles.

Orgies get a bad rap. Thanks to HIV propaganda and VH1 documentaries about the sex revolution, I have always assumed orgies only attract obese married dads on the DL. My exploratory visits to sex dens have confirmed this. With the exception of occasionally exchanging dick pics with British strangers via Snapchat, I’m a sexual basic bitch. I like rim jobs and missionary, but a few times my boner has taken over, and I’ve ended up in public sex spaces, where I saw stereotypes come to life. A tear fell down an old dude’s face after I refused to jack him off at the gay bathhouse next to the Vatican, and the time my friend Diva D and I got into a sex club in high school, a fat dude threw Diva D in a locker when he refused to fuck him.

When I moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn in May, I had no intentions of going to an orgy ever.…